art rezidence
Truly accessible. ART REZIDENCE is located near a metro station.
True architecture. ART REZIDENCE is an architecturally dominant work of art, appealing to the eye, where no two floors are the same. The apartments here are atypical yet undoubtedly functional, with superior amenities and views of Prague corresponding to the height and position of the building.
True Quality. We cooperate only with the best partners, we select exclusively high-quality materials and verify every process repeatedly in person. Our objective is not merely to sell the project, but to have clients who are satisfied even after years of using an apartment. We are succeeding in this effort, and we’ll prove it to you.

We can offer you an exceptional project. With no compromises.
News: ART Rezidence received a total of three prizes in the Construction of the Year 2013 competition!... more
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metro střížkov
ART Rezidence Střížkov | Teplická 15, Prague 9 – Střížkov, telephone: 722 299 400, email: prodej@artrezidence.czweb&design www.graphica.cz
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